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Top Deals of 2019 - Thomas Mortensen, Associate Broker

Ashley Home Furniture Center

Distribution Center

42,000 SF Warehouse investment Sale. On this

transaction, I helped the buyers negotiate the sales

price and the assumption of the current mortgage. By

effectively doing this, my client was able to acquire the

property at a great price and lower interest rate.

Academy Parkways

Office / Warehouse

20,000 SF Office Warehouse. One of my favorite

transactions of 2019 because it was one of mine and

Ben Nolte’s first repeat customers. The property also

had a set of challenges found during the inspection

that we were effectively able to navigate.

2714 Girard Blvd.


Duke City Auto Shop/ warehouse. Working with an

out of state buyer can be tricky, especially in a hot

industrial market. My client was able to remotely tour

the property using Facetime and we quickly had it

under contract.

3650 Corrales Rd

Daycare Facility

It was fun to work in my hometown of Corrales with

friends and past neighbors. This property, being a

special use building in a small town, had its own set

of challenges. Through consistent marketing, we were

able to get it closed.


Looking to Buy or Sell Commercial Real-Estate?

Thomas is a fifth-generation New Mexican, born and raised in the Albuquerque area. He

attended public schools and graduated from Cibola High School in 2008.

Thomas found his passion for real estate early in life, making his first buy at the age of 16. As a student at BYU-Idaho, Thomas interned for Allen Sigmon and also worked the following year as an intern for Keller Williams in Idaho. He was an apartment manager during his junior and senior years of college.

After graduation, Thomas spent 2 years as an analyst for Honeywell. Thomas then returned to work as a broker for Allen Sigmon Real Estate Group, where he is today.

Thomas has quickly excelled as a commercial real estate broker. He has honed his skills working with clients such as Jiffy Lube, New Mexico Radiant Heating Supply, Triumph Motorcycles, Mighty Auto Parts, and multiple Real Estate investors, large and small.

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