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Broker Spotlight: Jourdan Shipley

Jordan Shipley – Retail, Office Commercial Real-Estate Broker

Allen Sigmon Broker Spotlights are a way for people to get to know our team better. We ask members of our brokerage a series of questions, both professional and personal. They have valuable insight into the NM Commercial Real Estate scene, how to help people find a new home for their business, and overall industry understanding. Years as a commercial broker: 1 1/2 Industries you’ve worked in: Retail, Office, Medical

What excites you about the New Mexico Commercial Real Estate market? Why did you choose ABQ over other markets?

I love seeing the new national groups come to New Mexico. Specifically, in retail. It has been exciting to hear names like Cheesecake Factory and Top Golf (two of my favorites) that I always hoped would bring their business to New Mexico. I chose Albuquerque because I grew up here. This is my home. I also wanted to work with Brad Allen and Lance Sigmon. I had grown up seeing the success that these guys experienced working at Roger Cox & Associates. They talk so passionately about Roger Cox. I knew that they would mentor me the same way.

What are the biggest challenges brokering commercial deals?

For me, the biggest challenge has nothing to do with the actual deal but a lot more to do with my personal shortcomings in patience. I like to think I am a patient person from all the years I have spent playing golf. However, even that patience only has to last at most 5-6 hours to get results. I had worked direct-to-consumer sales door to door for 6 years prior to making the switch to Commercial Real Estate. That sales process took anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours is all.

What do you consider your biggest victory since joining the Allen Sigmon Brokerage?

My biggest victory was closing a Surgery Center in November of last year. It marked just 11 months into my career and I was able to earn an out of state client over the phone who had called me on a different listing. I was able to earn their trust to represent them in a multi-million dollar because of that success. They have trusted me to further represent them in pursuing other markets, which they have additional needs.

You used to be a door to door salesperson for security systems. What are some similarities between that work and brokering?

There are similarities in all forms of sales. It first starts with yourself. You have to be in a peak mindset each day to stay ahead of the competition and be at the forefront of potential client’s minds. Self-motivation is key and your clients will reap the benefits of your goal-oriented mindset. There are some who may excel in building relationships and are more personable than myself, but I have always been determined to work as hard as everyone else. I work harder to ensure my wife, kids, and customers are able to benefit from me working at my full potential.

Who is your professional idol? Who are your professional mentors now? What advice have they given you to make you more successful?

My professional idol is Tom Brady. I have always been fascinated with his story. He was picked 199th in the draft. He was told he was not fit to be a Pro Quarterback. Turns out he was the best decision the Patriots Franchise had ever made. I love watching the mind overcome what others say “can’t happen”. I love seeing someone exceed others expectations by reaching their own expectations that they set for themselves.

My mentors are a small circle of men that include my Dad, my older brother Chris (who first recruited me into door to door sales), my Financial Adviser Steve, and the Principals at my firm Brad and Lance. They have all shown me how to be a successful Husband and Dad through my work and in all I do. I can’t thank them enough.

What kind of personal hobbies do you enjoy? When I am not working, my favorite hobbies are golf, basketball, watching sports, taking my wife on dates, and playing with my two boys (2 1/2 and 8 months). It isn’t always uninterrupted time. I always try to ensure that my clients can reach me by any means day or night, but I do what I can to give my undivided attention to my family as much as I can!

What are the biggest deals you are working on now?

My biggest project right now is 2440 Louisiana Blvd in Uptown. The Principals of Allen Sigmon purchased this building with one of their partners. I have been lucky enough to have earned the opportunity to list the property. We are leasing both the 60,000+ SF of office vacancy in addition to the opportunity to ground lease a pad in one of the most sought after retail submarkets in Albuquerque. I am continually looking for groups to put this opportunity in front of through cold calling, e-mails, and going door to door at other Uptown Office buildings to reach tenants in neighboring buildings.


Jordan Shipley began working for Allen Sigmon in 2017. While working towards his Finance degree at BYU and later transferring and finishing at Utah State University, Jordan sold home automation and security door-to-door for six years as an Assistant Sales Manager at Vivint, Inc. It was during this time that Jordan realized that the knowledge he had gained at school and work could make Commercial Real Estate a good fit for his career.

Jordan Shipley lived in Albuquerque from age five on until he graduated high school at La Cueva High School. While here Jordan participated in the La Cueva DECA Chapter, played on the La Cueva Golf Team, and earned his Eagle Scout Award in Troop 210.

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