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Allen Sigmon Moving Dirt on West Side MVD and Shops at Eagle Vista

Development Primed for Breweries and Restaurants Located Around New West Side MVD

Allen Sigmon Real Estate Group has started development for a West Side MVD office. This will be coupled with space for restaurants and retail establishments, bringing some spark to the 6.7 acres of vacant land located between Eagle Ranch and Irving. Phase one of development includes the Shops at Eagle Vista and a pair of retail buildings. Construction has already begun, and tenants should get access by late 2017.

The West Side MVD will take the place of the downtown office, which is closing because of slow traffic and bad parking. The downtown location serves about 6,500 customers per month. “In order to make our department more efficient and serve a large and growing region, we are closing the Downtown office and creating a full-service MVD on the West Side,” spokesman Ben Cloutier said in a written statement. “The Downtown office does not get a lot of traffic because of its location and poor parking situation.”

Allen Sigmon has tapped their power team to take point on the Shops at Eagle Vista. Associate brokers Austin Tidwell and Daniel Kearney will spearhead this project. Recently, the two brokers have laid claim on some high-profile deals, including a huge industrial land saleand helping find a new district office for Farmers Insurance. They are excited about bringing a new retail concept to the area. “The MVD should be a magnet for the larger parcel,” said Tidwell. “We imagine it’s going to bring in quite an amount of traffic along with it. People will no longer have to travel all the way to Albuquerque for their MVD needs.”


About Allen Sigmon Real Estate Group

Allen Sigmon Real Estate Group is a full-service commercial real estate company with an expertise in acquisitions, brokerage, development, and property management. Based in Albuquerque, NM, we pride ourselves on knowing the New Mexico commercial market and fostering relationships in the local community.

Our office works with every kind of commercial property from office and industrial, to retail, land, and multi-family. As investors of commercial property ourselves, the Allen Sigmon Real Estate Group understands the needs and concerns of our clients.

Our results speak for themselves. We have an excellent team who is eager to work on our clients’ behalves.

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