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We Love What We Do

Updated: May 2, 2022

What is it that motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

For us, it’s real estate. Not the typical answer and even sounds odd when we say it, but it’s true. Everything about real estate; from the clients we represent, the diversity in properties, the drama at closing, and even the cold calls. We have a passion for real estate. Blogs were created as a result of passion, a collection of thoughts, ideas and opinions in the form of an online journal that can be shared with like-minded people. We felt like that was perfect for us as a company.

We are a full service commercial real estate company made up of commercial real estate developers, brokers and property managers displaying decades of real estate experience before forming Allen Sigmon Real Estate Group in 2011. Working in real estate is not enough for us, as we are owners and investors of real estate as well, which is uncommon in the commercial real estate industry. This has helped us over the years to not just have knowledge of the industry but also to have first-hand experience in what our clients are going through, making us even better at what we do.

This blog will be a way in which we share the information that we have compiled over the years, showing our passion for the industry and associating with those who feel the same. We expect to post about industry trends, company news, future projections, and real estate basics that we find interesting and love learning about ourselves. We welcome your comments and suggestions, and our hope is that the information will motivate and inspire our readers to get involved in real estate in whatever form or fashion they desire. Thanks for reading, and check back in for new posts each month.

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